Adam T. Carpenter


I am a computer programmer who has been developing and maintaining native and web applications since 2018. I have also been providing systems administration services and technical mentoring since 2016. I aim to create simple, performant, and well-documented software that solves real problems with no surprises.

I am fluent in Rust, C#, Python, JavaScript, Bourne Shell, and HTML+CSS. I am also familiar with Java, PHP, C, C++, TypeScript, and PowerShell. I have used a variety of frameworks and libraries, as well as a myriad of web servers, databases, and "DevOps" toolkits.


Software Development

Systems Administration

Technical Mentoring, Leadership



I have a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and graduated from the College of William and Mary in May of 2018. While there, I participated in several group software development projects such as hybrid Android application testing and presided over the campus Game Design Club.

About Me

I wrote my first program on a TI-84 in BASIC to help finish my high school math homework faster. I quickly transitioned to building more complicated programs but have continued to enjoy finding the smallest amount of code to solve a problem quickly, correctly, and securely.

I grew up in and still call Hampton Roads, Virginia my home. In my spare time I drive and maintain a classic car, a 1953 Hudson Hornet. I enjoy travelling and being at home with my wife and cocker spaniel. I also self-host a web server in a closet in my home.

You can always find more on my web site.