Dancing the Shag and The [New] Lion Ling

Not all of my posts are huge, and they probably shouldn't be. Amy and I had a really great time yesterday at Two Left Feet Dance Studio, learning more about how to dance the Carolina Shag in preparation for our wedding (which is in less than 20 days)! An enormous swing band is going to play all of our favorites from the brass band/swing era, and one of the easiest dances to do to that music is the Shag. I wrote a paper on the Shag a few years ago for school but never actually learned how to do it. The steps are simple for us to remember and it's easy enough to add flair or mix it up so we look like we know what we're doing during our first dance.

We also got out to see the new Lion King remake and I can honestly say it was worth it. If anyone's a Lion King purist, it's Amy. It's easily been her favorite movie since she was a toddler, and to see it tastefully redone almost 25 years after it was first released was thoroughly enjoyable. There were minor alterations to literal sentences in the script that all added some context to things that were always kind of assumed in the original (clarification on Scar's backstory, etc.). I did however feel like they were trying to throw Beyonce lines the way a middle-schooler tries to turn a 500-word paper into a 700-word paper. Regardless, it's definitely re-living the classic, not re-hashing it.