Finally Found a Drink I Like

Anyone who knows me even slightly well probably knows that I don't drink. And it's not out of moral obligation or anything like that. I just plain can't stand the taste of alcohol. So it's no surprise that my entire family has been trying to throw different alcoholic beverages in my direction to see what sticks.

But it finally happened! I finally found a drink with alcohol in it. And not only did I not gag, but I genuinely enjoy it, think it tastes great, and mix it myself.

It's called Blackberry Cream Soda. It's just blackberries, ginger ale, and spiced rum. It's darn good. And it's going to be the signature drink at our wedding, whatever that means. All I know is I can finally order something at a bar and that's cool by me.

Behold, Blackberry Cream Soda