Obligatory COVID-19 Post

We're alive! All three of us: Amy, Clementine, and myself. We're doing what we do best and that is being hermits with zero social contact. That's pretty okay by us though because it lets us slow down from all the fast-paced life changes we've made in the past few months.

In January Amy and I bought a house! We couldn't have done it without the wonderful help of everyone who gave us wedding gifts. We got a nice little standalone place in Suffolk, much closer to where I work and centrally located for Amy's tutoring business. We spent all of January painting and prepping for the big move. Late January and early February were all moving and unpacking and trying to get back in the groove. Since the outbreak, we've been using the extra time at home to finish up all the move-in projects we wanted to: finishing painting, putting up shelves, hanging pictures, and rewiring electrical outlets.

Amy also finally got the chance to pursue her dream job: she started up her own private tutoring business. She's been working hard with clients all over Hampton Roads, from college students all the way to first-graders. Business was booming before schools closed but I know she'll bring it back once things have returned to normal again. No worries though, she's spending this time helping William and Mary handle remote operations and students in need. She's also [supposed to be] writing her master's thesis so she can graduate in May but you know how it is.

We're also working through a family illness, which adds difficulty . We expect a speedy recovery though and we're really excited for that. All-in-all, we're really enjoying our lives as a happily married couple. It's been about eight months now and I've enjoyed every minute of it: the glad, the slightly stressed, and the overarching worry as the world took a strange turn. But we're looking forward to a good Summer now. The weather has turned nice -- really nice -- and Clementine is forcing us to get outside. She's in love with her nice, big fenced-in yard and refuses to come in after catching hoops most of the time.

Stay safe, smart, and sane!